Some IPs blocked by Cloudflare


Some clients have troubles while connecting my site. and as sample receive network timeout by OS, not any pages of Cloudflare. User in network ask your friends in the same provider, and they can’t connect too…

I asked clients to diagnose, but they not network specialists. Ping my site resolved it to and, but can’t connect it in all browsers and by mobile device.

telnet 443 and telnet 443 hangs by network timeout too, but works very well on some other sites from the same host.

most of other clients connects without any problem and run telnet command above with succesful connection.

I allowlisted, but without success.

Is any hidden blocklist of IP? Is all normal blocklisted receive block page without simple blocking (such as drop packet)? How to unban this networks?

Cloudflare does not block IPs, but we do give site operators a variety of controls that allow them to block or impact access to their visitors for various reasons. If you are having issues with a site behind Cloudflare you should contact the site operator.

I’m site operator… As I meaned before, I can’t connect from desktop to Cloudflare node. Not HTTP, not from CF to site, but from my desktop to CF node. Suppose, it’s network blocking in my country :frowning:

Have you filed a ticket with support? What ticket number did you get back?

Yes, I create support ticket 3 days ago… Request #1445093, but it’s no answer until now…

Looks like one of the support engineers got back to you, but to troubleshoot any further you would need to move a domain back to Cloudflare for troubleshooting. If you do so let me know and I can follow up with the support engineer as well.

I moved to CF again (without proxying) and moved with proxying. But, as I remember,, also moved to CF and can be accessible without any problem… I can check from ‘bad’ IP within two hours.

Proxied can’t be accessed from now