Some insights and thoughts about settings asked by Webflow

Hello everyone,

My marketing want our team to setup some DNS records for their new project using Webflow.

Webflow needs two A records with @ pointing to their IPs (which need to be updated from time to time … Ok). Then a CNAME to our webflow project private URL to our own subdomain (e.g.

For the context target domain we have now on Cloudflare used CNAME flattening for root, and we traditionaly keep our A records to register our own endpoints (can be load balancers or servers). I don’t want to dig it more but we also have a CNAME on wildcard for an internal hosting service which is dynamic (and proxified by us).

I’m not here to discuss about Webflow but about having insights and thoughts about the needed setup. To me it’s nonsense, and I will finish to get brand new domain just for Webflow.


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