Some important questions about workers

I’m working on a site for my company and I want to upload it in workers but I have some questions:

  • Which is faster, Bundled or Unbound?
  • Let’s say that a site looks like getbootstrap*com (to determine the price only) but its monthly visits are 5 million, what will the price be in Unbound and Bundled?
  • If the site is completely stored on Service Worker like v8*dev will Workers calculate the price of requests and duration?
  • Is there a difference between apo and workers and which one is better?
  • Which is better to use WordPress with apo, use wp2static with Workers, or use hugo with workers?
  • Can cheap hosting be used when using WordPress with apo?
    (Important note: site is static)
    I want to create a very fast website and I need accurate answers
    Thank you.

No difference. They’re billing models, nothing that impacts performance per-se.


You can’t tell by looking at a website - you’d need to know what the Worker is doing and how long it is executing for. If it fits in Bundled’s CPU time then $5 since it’ll be under the 10,000,000 included Bundled requests on the paid plan.

Bundled charges per request and Unbound is per request & duration of that request.

They’re not really comparable. One is to cache an existing WordPress site, the other is to run apps/websites/etc on the edge using JavaScript/WebAssembly.

Depends on your use-case. If it’s a purely static site, use Cloudflare Pages.

It’s free for unlimited requests & bandwidth.

Sure - but see above.

Just a static front-end site using Hugo, but its monthly visits exceed 5 million. Can be considered as a blog.

Even if the entire site (even the html pages) is stored on the visitor’s browser will workers calculate prices?

Is there a difference in speed between apo and workers?

I want to compare (use WordPress with apo, use wp2static with workers, or use hugo with workers) for a static site.

Cloudflare pages are rather slow, and not suitable for a large company site.