Some Images Still Not Indexed By Google

Hi, everyone.

Maybe someone faced with such kind of problem:

Some images on the website still not indexed by Google ( The very small part was indexed.

Here is one of the examples of the URL where images were published but not indexed:

Also, the robots.txt file is ok and the rest Cloudflare “Speed” tab сofiguration as well.

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Hi @jeremykendellbh,

This is expected Google behavior. The Google documentation makes it clear there’s no promise that all your content will be indexed, no matter how many times you submit your sitemaps or individual URLs.

If you see any errors that may be attributed to Cloudflare, let us know what the error message was and perhaps someone in the community will have faced the similar error and may have a solution.


Thanks for the reply. Try to figure out.

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Can take time for Google to show all your content even when it is crawled. Have you logged into webmaster tools (nowadays called search console) to check the paths can be crawled.

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