Some Images Not Updating

I’m uploading replacement category images via a Magento 2 admin interface after deleting them from the server via FTP (since I’m using the same filenames). Most of the images update correctly after everything has been reindexed and cached in Magento and purged in Cloudflare.

However, there are still a number of category pages where the images have not been updated. When I download those files from the server via FTP, they are the correct ones (different dimensions than old files) so I know that the import worked. I have cleared browser cache and double-checked the server for duplicate filenames, but nothing has worked. I thought that the purges on Cloudflare would eventually yield the proper images, but it’s been a few hours and they still are not correct.

Any ideas?

What’s the url of one of these images?

Category page URL - Jardinico | Commercial-grade market & offset patio umbrellas

Image URL -

When downloaded via browser, the image is the incorrect OLD dimensions of 1920W x 640H

When downloaded via FTP, the image is the correct NEW dimensions of 1800W x 900H

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