Some images not showing only on Safari and Internet Explorer

Since I set up Cloudflare on my Wordpress website, some images don’t display only on Safari and Internet Explorer (I tried Chrome and Edge All ok). On Safari it displays “?” on IE it shows “X”.
I set SSL to full strict and purged the cache, the problem seems to disappear. But a few hours sometimes a few days later it comes back. I found this recommendation to use the plugin SSL Insecure Content Fixer It worked for a few days and then the images some images disappeared again.

Sometimes it’s random pictures across the website sometime it’s the logo.
But once I suspended Cloudflare. All the pictures are back.

Could you please help me understand why Cloudflare randomly blocks some images on my website?

Thank you

This usually happens because you have a plugin or something that creates WebP images. Safari and Explorer can’t display WebP images. Cloudflare caches content based upon the first visitor to that resource, and if it’s a WebP user, subsequent visitors with Safari/Explorer will also get WebP.

You need to turn off that WebP feature until you can create a workaround.


Indeed I am using a plugin that creates WebP images. I just disabled it and and enabled Cloudflare again. So far all my images are still visible on on both Safari and IE. I will see if it would remain that way or disappear again in few days.

Thank you for your help.

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Now only Safari support to show Jpeg2000 on browser and not support show Webp on Browser
=)) I Hate Safari

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