Some help with DNS/IP address please


Hello. We have our email hosted elsewhere, so we need to just point the a records to the IP address of our cloudflare nameservers.

So under DNS, i see an a record, that has our domain…and under value it has an IP address. Is that the address that I would provide to the person who manages our DNS?

Sorry if that doesn’t make sense. I’ve tried looking it up in help, but don’t understand this stuff very well.

Thanks in advance.


You need to use Cloudflare’s name servers to use Cloudflare for your website.

Typically, Cloudflare scans your current DNS records and then adds them to you account. This would include all your email-related DNS records.

So…your Cloudflare DNS page should end up looking very much like your current DNS page at your host. Then you can use Cloudflare and your elsewhere-hosted email. (once you go to your domain registrar and change your name servers to what Cloudflare told you to)


So originally we tried just changing the nameservers. But it took forever to propagate, and well, we switched it back to our original setup (pointing to our mail and hosting DNS). So you think that if we switch them again, it should figure out the mail part. I mean, in the DNS page on cloudflare, it does show the correct email settings. Just can’t figure out why it didn’t work when we tried it.


@todd3, yes, you should change them back to the names provided by Cloudflare, it can take time for the dns changes to take effect, up to 24 hours.


For starters, make sure all DNS entries match your original host’s DNS. And then make sure they’re all set to :grey:. This will match your current setup.

I get the feeling some email services ended up with an :orange: setting, which won’t proxy through.


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