Some files missed and some without cf headers

Hey, I really tried to search but with no avail. Can someone explain me why is this happening?

Each css file is hosted locally, headers seem to be similar, I even ignore query strings turned on, no change.

One extra issue, that one css with HIT, is miss on every other subpage. What am I missing…?

Why what is happening?

You usually get first a MISS and only then HITs until that file is purged from the cache. What’s the actual domain?

I did many refreshes and it’s still miss. And why some files have no cf headers at all?

In your case it seems to come from the local browser cache, which will always show the value it originally received.

Again, domain? Respectively, it would be best if you posted the URLs in question.

sorry I added it into question

Click “Disable Cache” in console and reload the page.

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Damn that was fixed fast. Where is such think mentioned? Is there any documentation so I can read more about it?

Gets cached fine and shows as hit


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Ye tank you guys.
So how about that documentation about it?
I wonder how force browsers to get new files? I thought it is happening automatically when I purge cache on CF.

What should be documented here? That’s not Cloudflare related but standard browser behaviour.

You can’t force browsers to do anything but only change your caching, but that’s a topic for StackExchange.

Alright then

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