Some DNS issues

Even though my site’s SRV is included in the Cloudflare DNS records, when I checked it with dnschecker, it said “ SRV record not found.”
Why is SRV not detected, please? Does that have any consequences?
My site is, thank you.

And another question is I can see the A records are all green checks from dnschecker.
But I can not see my IP which is showing in the Cloudflare dashboard, instead of that are different IPs.
Not sure if this is correct? And does it mean my DNS propagation has not been updated well yet? (Actually, DNS propagation has already taken 72 hours.)

Which SRV record is? You need to check for the full name.

As for the IP addresses, check out #tutorial.

Hi Sanfro,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Can I ask what kind of information I need to provide to you about SRV?

Thanks for the tutorial link, do you have any suggestions on which topic or article I can read? I have no idea which one is about my question.

Can you post a screenshot of the SRV entry?

As for the article, it is quite adequately named “Why does a DNS lookup on my domain not return the IP address I configured”.

Here is the screenshot of my SRV settings from the Cloudflare dashboard.

Wow,amazing! Thank you so much.
So is it mean the whole of my DNS propagation is all updating completely?

That’s right.

Thank you for your help, Sandro!
Have a nice day.

Thanks, you too please :slight_smile:

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