Some DNS can't be scanned

Hi, hopefully you are doing well. I have used Cloudflare all the time for my site but since one month that I changed my VPS Host to different Semi-dedicated host, ip is different and then I removed complete site, and added back after a week, but unfortunately since then DNS did not scan properly. Each time that I add Cloudflare, after 12 hours or something like that, site open like is crashed, some images are missing etc. Right now site is open good because I added Cloudflare since two hours but I wonder if I will face same issue again? When I check ‘ssl’ tick in google chrome, it does not show Cloudflare SSL that have issued butg it shows that I am using ssl from my cpanel. So I think is wrong. Can someone help me out and test it? My site is


Hi, thank you for your quick reply. I am using Full Strict ssl since this is what Knownhost team suggested me.

That is the correct setting.

Your site is currently loading fine, so there shouldn’t be an issue.

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