Some css and js files just get 500 error

Some css and js files just get 500 error. Created a new CF Pages project, deployed the same files, and there css loads but other js files get 500 error. So it’s very random. Deployment ID 5061f269-5303-41c1-883e-ad980bc52114

You definitely aren’t using any Pages Functions? Just static files?

Do you perhaps have an example url of falling assets?

Yes, only static files, Nuxt SSR so only html, js, css. A bit of an update here since I’ve been testing to narrow down the issue.

The site has around 2500 files, a lot of articles. When deployed to CF Pages, some files like js/css get 500 error. When I lowered the generation of articles I got 1050 files (a lot of articles missing now), I can deploy that and everything works beautifully.

I deploy using wrangler, so it shouldn’t be a problem uploading 2500 files, but something is happening when I deploy more than 1050 files (not sure exactly where the break is) which causes some files to be unaccessible.

Not sure a link would give more info since it just says “GET https://(url)/_nuxt/xqLb9v8s.js net::ERR_ABORTED 500 (Internal Server Error)” on some files and others work. (replaced my url since I don’t want any data to be published yet)

Oh and I forgot to mention that when I serve the dist-folder locally (html, css, js) then it works perfectly, no matter how many files have been generated. So it’s nothing with the build script. It’s only when I deploy more than about 1050 files to CF Pages that this happens. I used 1050 files just to ensure it’s not a 1000-file limit.

I see you posted on Discord and it was escalated to the team there, hopefully that helps

Just for completeness sake. This issue was resolved by updating wrangler to v3.60.1 :+1: