Some CloudFlare VIPs not responding

Hi, my CF site has been designated the following IPs by CloudFlare:, and
As of around 9:30pm NZT last night, these IP addresses are no longer responding in New Zealand. Google webmaster tools was able to access them and also is saying the website is up, but when my customers try (or myself) the website just times out and those addresses cannot be pinged.

I had to resort to Pausing CloudFlare on my site to make it accessible.

A friend has a site on CF with different VIPs and his site is fine.

Is there a way to find out what is the issue? SInce it has been over 12 hours, it doesn’t appear as something transient to me. CF status shows no issues, but there is obviously some kind of issue partially blocking my website if it is accessed through CloudFlare.

What is the error you’re seeing?


Running a traceroute to the above IP addresses also times out. As if there is no route to networks for these VIPs.

However if I run a traceroute to my friend’s CF VIP of, it works fine.

Is there an actual error number? And is it on a Cloudflare error screen?

There are no errors in the Cloudflare dashboard.

I am talking about a lack of network connectivity to the IP addresses above from New Zealand. Traceroute and ping are network connectivity diagnostic tools.

Hi user2748

I just had a total Internet Blackout right at Midnight 1 hour ago and could not access any website anymore.

When loged into my Router i saw that the DSL Connection was active and running without any Problems.

So everything pointed toward the fact that i was using Cloudflare DNS to resolve the domain names.

I deactivated to use Cloudflare in my router as my DNS resolver and enabled back the standard DNS Resolvers of my ISP.

Internet started worked again.

My suggestion to you is first if you use Clooudflare DNS to speed up DNS querys try to deactivate it and see if problems go away.

If not try a VPN service to check if its a problem with your ISP.

I ran a traceroute successfully to another CF VIP address, so it doesn’t appear like the ISP problem. It looks like as if the route to and subnets don’t exist any more, but which router is misconfigured is impossible to find out unless you work for a telco and have the resources to look into it.

BTW, I noticed CloudFlare had a route leak in July that affected many sites, and I wonder if this is the similar thing, just on the smaller scale for few subnets only. I have raised a support request with CloudFlare, but since I am using free services, it will probably not be looked at.

If there was an issue with the Cloudflare network, it would have been reported here,

The IPs are responsive now, I’d be inclined to go with @seoworks

Yes, they’re responsive from USA for sure (and probably other locations), but not from New Zealand. CloudFlare has various points of presence, one of which is in Auckland, New Zealand. So traffic from New Zealand enters CloudFlare network via [].

However, this doesn’t happen for and subnets. So while CloudFlare VIPs are up and accessible from other parts of the world, it doesn’t mean the issue is not on the CloudFlare side. All it takes for the route not to be published via [].

Behaviour I observed is that my ISP’s (2degrees) router doesn’t know how to get to those 2 subnets. Since the same thing is observed from two other ISP’s (Slingshot and Vodafone), I am inclined to think it is not my ISP’s issue.

Just as an FYI for anyone interested, I received a request from CloudFlare to generate HAR file. This is even though I explained that there is no route to those subnets, and this means that you won’t get HAR file to save.

Hi. Can you open our website in New Zealand, as it is on CF too and we definitely want it to be reachable in your country. See:

Your website is accessible in New Zealand

Nice, thanks.

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