Some cloudflare IP not reachable

Is not just RU, using NordVPN and some hosting services I have in France and Germany I tested different countries and Spain, Italy and France have the same issue.

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If it’s a global problem why don’t CF update the status on their web-site?

Good news for Russians (lol), but CF is still silent… They don’t seem to care

They are currently looking into it. Updates will be provided, but currently we don’t have more information, I’m afraid.


May be it will be helpfull: Retn and Telia ISPs have problems connecting to some CF’s networks. And it might be not the CF who is the source of the problem.

It would be helpful if they announce this in cloudflare status

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If they find it to be a Cloudflare issue, then yes and I expect they would. Unfortunately, we have no control over this and need to wait for a response from them.

Working now for me lol

Confirm that the problem isn’t present at the moment!!! Wow :slight_smile:

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I’d have to disagree with your statement that

are (negatively) affected.

Moreover, and this is for everyone posting here:

  1. the Russian Federation & closely aligned nation states … I very much do not want to have to say this but the internet as a whole is severely curbed in the region.
  2. As for NordVPN - it may very well be their servers being used by others for malicious purposes that reduce the IP reputation of each low enough to interfere with networking. I do not have the issue running ProtonVPN Plus servers, including all countries you’ve had trouble with using NordVPN. It’s a matter of intelligence - IP reputation takes time to become “good” and only moments to become bad.

Thanks for letting us know, @eto.egor and @slowmaks.

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Still not working from some Spanish ISPs

Thanks @dani1.

My clients complain that they can’t connect to my website protected by CloudFlare. I also can’t connect to the website. All my clients are from Russia and Ukraine.

Here is a screenshot of error.

My site url is:

CheckHost results:

Hi, can you please provide traceroute(s), and the client IP(s) from the ISP(s) that you can still replicate the issue?


That is a different error from this thread. That is an issue on your origin server.

confirmed this is reachable now

I confirm that it is working now from Spain

Thank you! Did you happen to capture an MTR ? Also any impacted client IPs would be helpful.