Some Cloudflare Community Updates


Hello all!

It’s been a little over a year since we launched this little community, and we couldn’t be more delighted with the progress we’ve seen. Lots of great questions across a wide range of topics, awesome feedback on our product betas, and great suggestions for how to improve the Cloudflare experience for everyone. I’ve honestly lost count of the number of times a coworker has approached me and said “this community is amazing” or “I don’t know how we got by without this before” (which is awesome!).

Things have been great, but we believe they can be even better. We’ve got some recent changes that should hopefully do just that. Here are the details!

  • The first big change is that we have changed the default “homepage” view for visitors to the LATEST list of topics rather than the CATEGORIES. Others using the same platform we are (Discourse) have usually found that once a community is pretty active it’s better to default to this view…so we’re going to try it out. You can still easily access the CATEGORIES view by clicking the link in the top nav, or if you simply prefer a different view on your homepage you can override it in your account settings.

  • Another big change is the addition of the Translator plugin. We’ve had dedicated subcategories for different languages, but now users can post in any language in any category or topic, and anyone who wants to can easily read a translation of the comment. Anytime a post is displayed in a language that is different than your default settings, you should see a little globe icon 43%20PM in the toolbar at the bottom. Click there and the post will be translated to your language. The translations aren’t always perfect, but they should get the job done. Here you can see an example of what you should expect. My Interface Language is set to English, so the spanish post shows the option, but the other one does not.


  • You also may have noticed that some of the Cloudflare staffers now have a :grey: on their profile pic. That indicates that they are a former employee. They won’t have to register a new account and lose all their history, but it should make it clearer what their status is.

Lastly, I’d like to remind everyone to PLEASE mark your topics as SOLVED if someone has sufficiently answered your question.




Congrats on the Communiversay!