Some clients can't reach my sites

I have few sites. Example Some clients can’t reach any of them.
I has access to one of this device for few hour per day, i checked everything i can imagine.

  • on FireFox sites are working if in settings checked “DNS over HTTPS”, server - Cloudflare.
  • Chrome - not working
  • Edge - not working
  • If use some proxy - Chrome working. After proxy off Chrome stil working some time 1-10 hour.
  • [Checked] DNS resolve - right Ip address, same as on other devices
  • [Checked] TCP monitor, Chrome is trying connecting to right IP address
  • [Checked] nginx server log, no request reach server from this device when site not opening.

Please help.

For example, there is site, looks like they use Cloudflare too, its work fine on test device, but my sites ( not working. What the difference between this sites ?

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