Some clients cant connect after changing from NameHero to Cloudflare

Recently we moved our web hosting from NameHero to Cloudflare. Our domain registrar is GoDaddy (maybe move this to Cloudflare?).

Some of our clients get an error “Not secure” and they are routed to /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi.
It looks like they are still seeing the SSL cert from NameHero, but we now have a new one from Cloudflare. the majority of our visits are going to the correct site and have no issues.

I read something similar that our DNSSEC needed to be updated or turned off on the registrar, but that is disabled on Cloudflare. is not showing any errors.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

what is your domain? is the domain.

Any ideas?

Not sure if this helps? ( | DNSViz).
I think is may be cached SSL cert on specific clients, but I’ve worked with 2 clients directly and we were unable to find or remove an old namehero cert.

your site is working perfectly and the Cloudflare SSL is correctly installed?

Seems to be, for the majority of users. Its just a few being reported as failed. My concern is that I cant reach everyone that might be trying to get to the site and only a few people will report failures and move on. Those that report it show “Your connection to this site isnt secure”. seems like an SSL cert issue?

Your SSL seems to work fine with other countries as well, as I checked your website from Singapore , India , Britain, and USA VPN

What’s your encryption mode on Cloudflare?

Full, Strict was suggested though.

Yes, that should be Full Strict, otherwise the site is insecure.

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