Some clients cannot access my webpage, others do

I´m the owner of a domain protected by cloudflare.
The domain is .
Some clients access my website normally, but some others can´t.

The clients who can’t acces, receive the answer on browser:

If i do a tracert from prompt, i receive the answer:

It seems to me that cloudflare is blocking access from all my clients that use this ISP.

Any tips?


That wouldnt be Cloudflare, it rather seems that ISP is blocking the IP address for some reason, respectively is not routing it properly.

What does the following command return?


Sandro, here is the command’s return you asked:


It seems as connections to your site disappear between the fourth and fifth hop. I am afraid you’d need to contact your ISP about that.

They possibly have some other routing (than to and disappear because of that, but that is something only the ISP can clarify.

Thank you, I’ll call my client ISP and ask them to solve that.

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