Some buttons don't work through Cloudflare Tunnels

I’m running a Proxmox server to test some VMs for and wanted to look at Cloudflare Tunnels to access it remotely.

I have the tunnel set up and I can reach the Proxmox server but some of the buttons don’t seem to work. Specifically any buttons that seem to interact with the actual server itself don’t work. I can’t start or stop VMs, I can’t create new VMs, and I can’t use the console (noVNC) to access the servers command line.

Whenever I try I get an error from Proxmox that says “Connection Error - Server Offline?”. But the Server isn’t offline because I’m able to access it.

I can use the noVNC console to remotely control VMs which are already turned on.

I have tested remotely accessing this server through an haProxy and a Nginx proxy and all of these buttons work. These buttons only fail to work when accessing it through a cloudflare tunnel.

  - hostname: prox.[mydomain]
    service: https://localhost:8006
       noTLSVerify: true
 - service: http_status:404

I did some more research, and it seems like the issue is with cloudflare tunnels sending chunked transfer encoding.

I tired adding a diablechunkedencoding as suggested here: Ingress rules · Cloudflare for Teams documentation but now it doesn’t resolve at all. I get an Error 1033:

After a few refreshes of the page I am now able to access the page and I can start/stop VMs.

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