Some assets (.css, .js, etc.) have max-age 0 must revalidate

I’m testing the site through and while my .webp images have proper cache-control: max-age=31536000, the following files are showing cache-control: public, max-age=0, must-revalidate: woff2, .css, .js, .svg, .png, favicon.ico.

Why is that?

Also they are showing weak Etag: etag: W/"99c7… Why not strong Etag?

  • .webp images are served from Backblaze B2 bucket and have no problems;
  • everything else included .css and .js files is deployed from Github repo (and css and js as filename.min.css/.js - I do not use the Cloudflare minification);
  • manifest.webmanifest.webmanifest (this is the filename and its extension) is not cached, but I guess it depends on file extension not recognized by Cloudlfare, and .icon as well.

My Caching Configuration is Caching Level Standard; Browser Cache TTL 1 year; no Cache Rules created.
My Optimized Delivery has Early Hints ON; Rocket Loader OFF.