Some additional charge in invoice which seems to show only after the transaction

Hi team,

I initiated a transfer of domain from my current provider to Cloudflare. No technical issues, it was quick and smooth as I had already unlocked it a couple of minutes before initiating.

The domain is nothing fancy, it is a .com domain which I have been using - in the transfer screen as well it showed $9.77 but the amount that was deducted was $16 odd. I again logged in back to check the invoice to notice some charge called “Applied balance”. Could someone help me understand what is this or is it an error or bug?

This is NOT the first time I am doing so I was a bit surprised.

Can you create a Billing ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open a Billing ticket here,

@cloonan I’m glad to see I’m not the only person facing this issue. I have the exact same issue & “Applied balance” line item when transferring a domain this past week into Cloudflare which is not my first time doing this. It was a .io domain so I was overcharged $49. It’s been over a week since I created a support request.

Here is my ticket#: #3190337

I imagine there are many more people out there facing the same issue.

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Hi @reader, thanks for sharing your ticket number. Our Billing team is already taking a look at this issue.

Hi @adithyaba, as soon as you share with us your ticket number, we will follow up with you, thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @adithyaba sorry for the issues. Were you able to create a ticket?

Once you have a ticket, please share your ticket number here. You can open a Billing ticket here,

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Hi @cloonan here is the ticket number: * Ticket ID: 3205996

Hope this helps to find the issue.


Thank you, I have flagged that for my colleagues in Support.

Hi @cloonan - appreciate the follow up but this is still not resolved after 16 days of opening my ticket. I find it odd that an issue caused by Cloudflare takes so long to resolve, I will be sure to let others know about my experience. I really don’t believe Cloudflare should be in the registrar business if simple things like this can’t be resolved quick & simply.

@Luis_McCloud fyi fyi would appreciate any additional help or support on this. Thanks for your time.

It is not necessary to tag people. There are lot of billing issues related to this open incident that are being resolved. Your patience is appreciated and helps everyone.

Your ticket is with the billing team, and that ticket is where the support specialists will provide you updates. No one in the Community will have more information than what has been sent to you in your ticket.


Thanks, this is the first helpful response I’ve received. No one ever communicated what you shared which is incredibly unfortunate I had to learn that here instead of from support. Transparency & clear proactive communication is all I want.


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