Some accesses get timeout error

Hi everyone. i use the cloudflare protection on my website and since tuesday (12/12/2023) some clients reached me and tell they are unable to access my website. Fun fact is: from one of the computers here in the office, we cannot access it and receive the “timeout” error. From the 3 other computers, we can. Could it be a dns error? We have cloudflare for about 7 months and this is the first time we have this problem. Oh, I almost forgot, my website address is:

Can someone please help me and give any suggestions on how we can solve this problem?

What does the timeout error look like? Is it a browser message or a Cloudflare page?

If from the browser, check which resolvers those PCs are using and see if there’s any problem there.

If the latter, check all the A/AAAA records for your domain are correct and point to your hosting.

For me, the site is ok (I am just blocked by your WAF)…

Hi, @sjr thank you for your reply. The timeout message is a browser default message.

I will check the records from this domain and see if this solves the problem.

Thank you for your help!

For anyone who’s facing the same problem, i solved this issue by turning the proxy status to “DNS only”. When i set to "proxied’, i get the timeout error immediately. Not the best solution, but at least my site is reachable for my clients.

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