SOLVED - Url forward problem

I have multiple domainnames like

Now i want to have moved visitors from to
with page rules i have made the rules:

* forwarding url staus code 301 to forwarding url staus code 301 to

when i now visit i get the content of so far so good.
But in adres bar the old url stays visible:

How do i get it that when someone visit he is send to and also get that url in adres bar?



You only need one page rule for that.

Whats the domain?

Thank you for the reply.
The domainname is and should be send to


Redirects me properly and does show the .eu domain.

hmmm you are right, now it is working fine.
Earlyer today it was keeping the .nl in the adres bar but now i also see the .eu.
Great thansk fo the reply!

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