[SOLVED Thank You] Scrapeshield seems to be missing

I used to have a full set of features on the free cloudflare dash panel horizontally across the screen

I recently removed an expired domain and added a new domain but now the dash has changed to a vertical side bar and scrapeshield now seems to be missing

Any ideas ?

Shorter screens tend to lose the bottom menu items (for now). Try zooming out with your browser to get that to show up again.

well that sucks lol

I would have never thought of that, thanks

the old horizontal menu full of pretty icons was much nicer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Please share your feedback here to get it to the right people!

is there a way to turn off this new sidebar navigation and return to the old style ?

my laptop screen is only 1366x768 and shrinking the browser screen to make the missing icons appear is making the main text unreadable

In your profile at the top right you should be able to switch back for now. However I believe the new layout is here to stay and the option won’t be there forever so make sure to submit your feedback on it.

oh I found it

I just wanted to add that I did make a feedback and a big thank you to everyone

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