[SOLVED] Round-robin anyone?

Hello everyone,
I use Cloudflare to point to a self hosted nas server behind an ASUS router with dual wan on 2 VDSL connections.
The nas has an “A” record pointing to the fix IP address of connection 1. If I just add a second “A” record pointing as well to the nas with IP address 2, the nas disconnects after a few seconds for some reason (when I say disconnects I mean that if I am logged on the nas, I get booted out after a few seconds - it goes back to login page).
I saw after a quick search that I should implement a round robin which would balance the load between the 2 connections.
Anyone would have any idea on how to implement this?
Thank you for your answers!

I just saw there is a load balancing option in the traffic part.
I’ll check it out.

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