[Solved] "--new-class" still not recognized in Wrangler beta install

I installed @cloudflare/[email protected]. The version that I got is 1.15.0-custom-builds-rc.2. I also used 1.15.0-custom-builds-rc.1 and still the same error:

> wrangler publish --new-class Counter
error: Found argument '--new-class' which wasn't expected, or isn't valid in this context

I’m using the following template for practice: GitHub - cloudflare/durable-objects-template

Solution: I had to manually download and extract the wrangler executable (v1.15.0-custom-builds-rc.2) from Releases · cloudflare/wrangler · GitHub
Then I extracted it to $HOME/.wrangler/bin. The previous uninstalls and re-installs of @cloudflare/binary-install and @cloudflare/[email protected] did not replace it automatically. Everything works fine now. Thanks.