[Solved] My website is pretty slow

My website is pretty slow. I do all the configrations on Cloudflare. I am using namecheap as a hosting. I asked them what to do and they told me to ask for support to Cloudflare.

A good reason to switch away from Namecheap as that reply somewhat revealed their incompetence on this matter.

Whats your domain? If it is slow it is most likely because of either the server or your site’s configuration. Wordpress by any chance?


Only your main document takes about two seconds to download. The generated CSS takes about the same time. You will need to analyse this on your server. Either your software is not optimised or your server is too slow. Thats not Cloudflare related I am afraid.

Thanks for information. I’ll try to solve that.

Edit: I just paused on the website and restart it and its working fine now.

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