[SOLVED] Email Routing: Send Mail As

Hi, just got notified that I have access to Email Routing beta.
Been waiting for it so long, that I went with a different solution. Aside from email forwarding, they offer something called Send Mail As using Gmail.

Basically, I create an email alias and recieve all the messages to my Gmail account. And at the same time, I can reply as an alias. Under the hood, it’s a feature called Sender Rewriting Scheme.

Any of happy users of CF Email Routing that achieved the same thing? I’m reluctant to change my MX records to verify it myself.



Ok. I figured, it’s quite possible.

Cloudflare is only handling inbound emails. Whatever you configure for outbound emails is completely up to your mail provider. If Google allows you to specify the outgoing address, then that will certainly work for your use case.


Correct. CF doesn’t deal with outbound emails in any capacity.
But to answer the original question: any email provider that provides an option to send emails from it’s SMTP server will work out. Outlook and Gmail allow this for sure.

Absolutely. Up until recently they did not even handle inbound emails. Only with the forwarding service they now do.

Gmail allows this, but it requires authentication to the mail server of that domain (Cloudflare in this case) - so I don’t think there’s a way to use it as a sender alias yet, at least I didn’t manage to do it. The username and password for the associated cloudflare account with the domain do not work as authentication. Does anyone have more insight about this?


Gmail lets you use it’s own SMTP server to send emails.
All you have to do is add an SPF to validate you’re not phishing or spam.

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