Solved - Domain Register Nameserver Change

I transferred my hosting to Namecheap today. Now I am trying to add my domain to the new hosting. But when I tried to add my domain, as Addon-Domain, it failed since the NS record is not pointed to Namecheap. I also tried changing DNS IP from cloudflare, but it did not work. Namecheap wants to set the NS record as and

Unfortunately, there is no option to set these nameservers in the Cloudflare register.

What I can do now?

Your only two choices are to get Namecheap to override that setting (there’s no good reason for them to force this), or transfer your domain registration away from Cloudflare.


I got this - []
But it did not work for me. Then I contacted Namecheap support, live chat, and they said this method (Validation through DNS) may not work all the time. They just added my domains for me.

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