[SOLVED] DNS resolving issues started to happen yesterday

Hello, everyone.

I’m pretty familiar with DNS in general and CF in particular (being active user for several years), having no major issues until yesterday.

I’m on a Free Plan simple because the reliable DNS service is my only requirement (even CF proxy isn’t needed). But starting from 2023-12-04 i’ve started to get a lot of sudden unexpected errors trying to reach various services on my domain hosted with CF (both register and DNS service).

When I trying to debug the issue using host utility it shows something weird, like a sporadic timeouts from my LAN DNS resolver. But when I point host to exact CF server — it gives me a proper reply instantly!
So at first I thought it’s something with my LAN resolver.
But then I also start receiving similar sporadic ERR_DNS_NAME_NOT_FOUND on my mobile internet and my monitoring system (configured in other cloud) started to complain about same RESOLVE_ERROR.

I haven’t changed any settings or DNS records for a while, don’t even know what may cause this. Any advice?

What is the domain name?


Ah, yes, forgot to mention — there is no root record for this domain at the moment, I use subdomain names for my services, contact me privately if you need any real name on it.

All support is via the forum, but if you want you can enter the subdomain into my tool and I’ll take a quick look if there’s anything obvious and comment here in case it helps others (will not mention the subdomain).


shared one example

AH! The issue is not related to CF at all, my bad, it’s Synology DDNS fault!
This case could be closed


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