Solved Challenges

Use Case:

I tend to do a lot of challenges by ASN as the site gets a ton of bot traffic and a lot of the bots can be tracked back to certian ASN’s. Yet I’m running into an issue of seeing if certain IP’s or even certain ASN’s I list, may be listed erroneously. It would be nice to see a breakdown by IP or ASN or other metrics of the actual solve rate like the do for the whole rule in general.

Does anyone know a way to do this?


Let’s say I list a ASN and that ASN shows 10K worth of activity, and a 9% solve rate. I would love to be able to dive deeper in that report and see what ASN, or even what IP’s, may have a really high solve rate compared to the others.

I’d need somebody to confirm this but, I believe that we can’t know if a challenge was solved or not. We can know how many were solved out of all the ones that were delivered, but that’s about it.
I believe that many people have asked for this in the past, as many competitors offer the logs as not just a “delivered challenge” but its status: failed to solve/left/passed.
(Note that, failed to solve and left are crucial. Somebody leaving your site without solving the challenge might give you insights that maybe a human wasn’t enough interested in your site to solve a challenge/wait 5 seconds).

Ah okay. I agree with you in the others that this would be great to know. I just hate blocking legitimate traffic, but have to do something to control the onslaught of bots.

Yes, unless you have Enterprise plan to obtain the raw HTTP logs.


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