[SOLVED] Can't manage/rename/remove linked devices in app for iOS

Hi there!

I used to have an Android device with the app installed along with a WARP+ subscription. The account has three other devices linked with the “(License) Key”.

A few months back I bought an iPhone, and I used the Key to link my new device while the old Android device was formatted. When the subscription ended - through the Google Play Store -, I started a “new” one with my iPhone in App Store. The issue starts here: back in Android device I could edit names and unlink the devices.

Now, in the iPhone, I’m unable to edit devices at all. Both Android and iPhone are listed under the “Devices” list while other are in the “Linked devices”.

I’ve already tried reinstalling the app, the “reset encryption keys” and the “reset all settings” options. Back in the Android devices, because the subscription is inactive in Play Store, there is only WARP. If I put the Key, it gets listed under “linked devices”.

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Do you get an error? Or what exactly happens?

No, I don’t. I mean, there is no “edit” button in each “linked device”. The only option I have is to “turn off” the WARP+ (for each device) and it works fine. I think that is because the iPhone isn’t marked as the “main” account although it holds the subscription.

There might be more involved due to the Android device, but I have Devices which can only be renamed, and Linked Devices which can be edited or deleted.

I’m not completely sure how it decides which is which as all four of my iOS devices are on the same iCloud account.

There have been a couple times where people didn’t realize you could slide to access the controls, could this be the case?


OMFG thank you @thedaveCA. I can’t believe it was that simple, I was so used to expecting an “edit” button in the Android interface that I forgot about the slide UI of iPhone.

Well, there wasn’t any issues after all. I’ve just deleted some devices and renamed others.


Thank You!