(Solved) Can't click "Purchase" to upgrade/downgrade my plan

Well, that’s that. I can’t click on the Purchase button, no matter what I do. This is the button:

I always start with the usual: Incognito Mode, Different Browser, Different Device.

Thanks. Clear cache, different browser, incognito/normal… It doesn’t seem to work. It’s only -that- button that doesn’t work haha :man_shrugging:

Have you checked JS console? Do you have any extensions enabled that might interfere with Cloudflare?

I think it was a bug in Cloudflare’s side. It works now. I’m very very angry because It worked AFTER I was charged for my Teams subscription, which I intended to downgrade to free before paying another month. (Yes I opened developer tools in the browser and it was sending a request when I clicked but nothing happened. I don’t have a screenshot of that)

HI @user13201,

I checked your account and our tickets, I was not able to locate a ticket from you regarding this. I do see that your account shows that you are using the Teams Free subscription at this time. For further details please create a ticket to [email protected].

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