[SOLVED] BinaryAST availability depending on plan


I cannot find information anywhere on which plan the BinaryAST option is available on. Can you help me with this?

There is no necessary info at https://www.cloudflare.com/plans/.

This blog post makes it sound like it’s in Workers:

@WalshyMVP might know more about this.

Yep looks like it’s possible from the blog post. There’s an example repo of it here: GitHub - cloudflare/binast-cf-worker: Serve BinAST via a Cloudflare Worker

Not something I personally know much about though. Are you trying to serve it and having issues on your current plan?
I could ask someone if they know anything or can dig it up, what plan are you currently on?

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BinaryAST isn’t active anymore, Firefox was the main contributor and switched to other priorities. Cloudflare doesn’t offer it at the moment, but you can use the worker in the blog post to run it yourself.


I am working on updating the Terraform module that makes it easier to manage zone settings in Cloudflare. One of the features of the module is that if you try to change settings that are not available on your plan, you will not encounter an error, the module will simply ignore such a setting. In order for this to work, I need to understand which zone settings are available on which plans. For all the settings that I have already encountered, I found this information, but for BinaryAST I could not.

One of my zones is on the Pro plan, but I still haven’t had the opportunity to experiment.

I doubt it for one good reason. Why would Cloudflare engineers add support for overriding the binary_ast option in the official provider for Terraform on October 18, 2021 if this setting is no longer supported? I have already provided the link in the first message, I will give it again - this option is in the official documentation for the official Terraform provider.

I worked on BinaryAST and our team decided to move on to other things for the time being. The binary_ast setting still exists but BinaryAST is not supported.

Note that the change resource/cloudflare_zone_settings_override: add more supported properties by jacobbednarz · Pull Request #1261 · cloudflare/terraform-provider-cloudflare · GitHub is from a different team.


Now I understand what happened, thanks for the explanation :+1:

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