[Solved] Analytics subdomain not working


It seems that domain like this “analytics.mydomain.com” not working.

I have added a A record that point to my server, but after I save it, it doesn’t work (dig no response).
However, if I add matomo A record instead of analytics it works instantly, but analytics.mydomain.com doesn’t.

Is it a bug or reserved subdomain ?

Hi @heziode,

I have just tested this on both free and paid plan domains and both work for me. Can you share the domain name and a screenshot of the record you have configured? You can blank out the IP.

Hum… weird, now it’s working.
Maybe a long DNS update.

Glad it’s working now, anyway!

I’m facing the same problem. I’ve try to add new subdomain “analytics” as CNAME. but, it doesn’t work after several minutes.
curl command returned: curl: (6) Could not resolve host: analytics.xxx.xx

Then, I added another subdomain named “analytic” (without “s”) as CNAME with the same target host. This working fine.

Please help. Thank you.

For some reason, it’s work on my another domain which is not yet integrated with Google Cloud Platform…