[SOLVED] Am I being Redundant? Am I being Redundant? (Bluehost + Cloudflare [not through cPanel])


I have Cloudflare set up by changing my DNS servers for my domain hosted on Bluehost.

I create lots of subdomains and was doing so ONLY on Bluehost before integrating Cloudflare.

I thought that I would be able to start creating those subdomains directly in the Cloudflare DNS page, but that didn’t work?

It seems that I still need to create the subdomain in the Bluehost C-panel FIRST, and then create the same subdomain again in Cloudflare using my Bluehost server’s IP address under the “Content” section of Cloudflare’s DNS page?

So now I DO get all the speed and SSL enhancements of Cloudflare BUT now I have to create each subdomain TWICE!.. Or do I?

I hope I am just doing this wrong and there is a better way that allows me to just work inside Cloudflare to make DNS and subdomain changes without going to Bluehost?

Any help would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time,

Nope, you’re doing it right. You’re using cPanel for hosting, and Cloudflare for DNS. You create the subdomain hosting first, then add it to DNS.

Only with Partner setups where they also control your Cloudflare-connected DNS is it a one-step process.

@sdayman thanks for helping me to know I am not crazy, or at least not in this way :wink:

I did see that Bluehost has CloudFlare built into their cPanel, but I read this:

“CloudFlare’s basic mode cannot handle SSL certificates . If you need to use an SSL certificate, that part of your site needs to be on a subdomain that is not protected .” HERE

So, I am directly connecting to Cloudflare and I do in fact have an SSL on my root domain and my www (etc):

" *.rhizohm.co, rhizohm.co Universal 1 "

But, this sure would be easier to manage if I could just use the Bluehost cPanel Cloudflare integration AND get a free SSL! (Its enough of a headache (and an insult) to make a person want to change webhosts!)

Since my main goal was to get a Free SSL via LetsEncrypt that was auto-updated, I thought I needed to connect to CloudFlare directly ?

? Is this a case of Bluehost purposefully limiting the functionality of Cloudflare so they can keep up their very outdated business model of selling SSL’s (unless you have a Wordpress site) instead of simply integrating LetsEncrypt ?

Thank you for any insight you have on this,


I don’t use Bluehost, so I can’t speak to how they run their business or their claims about Cloudflare.

cPanel often lets you install your own SSL certificate, and if you’re using Cloudflare, then Cloudflare can give you a free Origin certificate on the server. This Origin certificate only works if your site is behind Cloudflare, as it’s essentially self-signed by Cloudflare.

Thanks for your help.

I’ve marked this topic as SOLVED.

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