Solve my problem Please

My telegram wallet is blocked
Cloudflare id is 8882ce98a8cd83a1

You need to follow the instructions you have:

CloudFlare Blocked

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I don’t know Please help me i wii pay you i’m serious :pray:

You need to follow the instructions you have, no-one in the Community can change a users security settings

You must contact Telegram as only they know why you are blocked and only they can do anything about it

The message is very clear: Contact Telegram NOT Cloudflare

CloudFlare Blocked


But the telegram says to resolve your problem contact with cloudflare

@elshadaybelayneh44: No, it doesn’t say that.

Read the message well: it says email the “site owner”. The site owner of the site is Telegram, not Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is merely the security tool Telegram is using.

As an analogy, when you get locked out of a house, you don’t call the manufacturer of the lock on the door, do you?


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