Solve my issue

Hi, I have a problem with real time update in website. When the customer made changes to thire account, it didn’t show up immediately, but after a force refresh the changes showed up.
Means Website not updating in relatime it take around 20-30 min to update please check this issue. and i alredy done deactive or active plugin process in wordpress.
If i write a blog and after publish it. if the website is already open in the browser then the website does not show the published blog, but at the same time i open the site in another browser then the publish blog showed.
i think issue in cache. website not work ​fastly on cache. and i can’t do purge all cache all time.

means if number of customer make changes in there account in every single min so it’s not possible every min i do purge all cache. so please tell me solution on this or you can solve this issue.

so it’s my humble request to you please solve my issue.
Is this problem in my site or in hosting or Cloudflare Server ?

i hope you will definitly help me in this issue ​

are you using Ezoic? I faced this problem with Ezoic.

nope dear, well i just herd this word i don’t know any information about it

Hey there,
Sorry to hear of your situation.

Two solutions have assisted me in the past for determining where problems like this lies

  1. Activate ‘Developer Mode’ and see if the problem persists, then
  2. Try purging the cache associated with your website via your Cloudflare account dashboard.

Hope these help :slight_smile:

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