Solve Error 524 by Disabling Cloudflare on Specific URL?


Recently I frequently encounter “Error 524: Timeout” when running a Plugin in WordPress. I am using Pro Plan and I know there is a 100s limit on the max execution time. I have checked many similar posts and it seems that the only solution is to reduce the script execution time, or switch to Enterprise plan.

Then, is it possible to disable Cloudflare on a specific URL which runs the script? For example, my website is cached in Cloudflare. Now can I setup a rule for ** that will disable the Cloudflare so that all URLs match the rule will NOT be imposed the limit from Cloudflare?

I try to setup the rule and set Cache to “ByPass”, but seems not working.

If that URL is on a different hostname, then yes. You can simply unproxy the DNS record in question.

If you just want to skip a particular path, then no. The proxy setting is always hostname-specific.

As long as you proxy you need to make sure you stay within the 100 seconds, unless you upgrade to Enterprise.

The easiest way to get around that timeout is to connect directly to the server. If you’re the only Admin on the site, you can add your server’s IP address to your local hosts file:

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