Solution for missing account info

Hi there,

I am reaching out to see if anyone has recommendation regarding an issue we are having with finding access to one of our domains that was previously set-up by an old consultant.

No one on our team presently seems to know who set it up, I came on board in February of this year and I believe the domain was set up back in 2016.

I’ve seen some threads that mention recreating an account with the domain and them updating the registrar, but not sure what is all involved.

You’d just be starting from scratch, like any new customer.

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Thanks, Sdayman!

So if the existing domain is hosted on a previous Cloudflare account, if I try to add the domain to this one (or create one under our team’s email), will there be conflict?

Generally, no. If it was a standard account (not some third party integration set up outside Cloudflare), then the new account will completely take over once you go through the Name Server change process.

Thank you very much, I appreciate your help!

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