Solution for forms on cloudflare pages?

Hi there,

I am loving the new Cloudflare pages which works great for my static site. but how can I replace my existing html form which submit to form.php with Cloudflare worker.

a simple html form example

is there an easy solution to use cloudflareworker instead of php script for non techies like me



I was working on a blog post for this but I never got around to finishing it (the code is probably also a bit messy). So, there are no real docs around this but if you head over to the Discord (Cloudflare Developers) people will be there to help.

Here is my repo:

Definitely recommend joining the Discord if you need help with it


thanks for sharing this, Html form is the only thing holding me back from migrating to Cloudflare pages. I use netlify which provides easy forms and vps which gives me the ability to use php script to post form to email, but now I have to figure out a way to submit the html forms on my own. There isn’t enough content in docs to help non techies like me :slightly_smiling_face:

I greatly appreciate this example will try to make it work thanks alot

now when Cloudflare have an option to simply create worker from the dashboard why add npm package wrangle cli to create a worker? why not a simple script which can be used directly in workers. also if Cloudflare have starter workers like worker to submit html form that will be a great start point instead of starting from 0


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