Solicitação de Dados - Investigação

Good afternoon,

I would like to know what e-mail address the company “Clouldflare Enterprise” uses to receive requests via letter regarding the services provided by the company to its respective customers. We need some information regarding services provided by the Company in some ongoing investigations in our police unit here in Brazil. Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain any contact channels via telephone, as this is a foreign corporation. I thank the attention.

Sincerely, Omar {redacted}

Most people in the Community are Cloudflare customers, but @cloonan might be able to assist.


Thank you @sdayman. @user1927 if you reach out to support AT cloudflare DOT com and abuse AT cloudflare DOT com and reference a link to this thread Solicitação de Dados - Investigação I will ensure your email reaches the Trust & Safety Team. If you receive a reply from Support with a ticket number, please share that number here. Thank you.


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