Soledad theme

Anyone using Soledad theme for WordPress to help me with the Cloudflare settings?


Thank you for asking.

Despite it’s own available documentation & videos from link below, may I ask what kind of issue(s) or error(s) are you experiencing while using Cloudflare for your WordPress Website? :thinking:

I can see it uses Elementor Builder, so my best guess might be to solve some known issues, if so, make sure to implement a solution/quick fix as follows on the link from below:

Otherwise, if no issue(s) & error(s), I believe you are asking these because it offers some things like code minimization, etc. which Cloudflare offers too (Minify HTML, CSS, JS).
In that case, I’d use Cloudflare’s feature and spare some CPU & PHP processing time on the web hosting/server :wink:

I’d suggest you to install and try out using the Official Cloudflare plugin for WordPress.

In case of performance & more, I’d suggest you to try out Cloudflare APO for WordPress feature for at least a month to see how it goes :slight_smile:

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Thank you Fritex! Every time I had an issue, you had the solution. You are a lifesaver!

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