Sold a domain. We need to transfer it to new owners

Hello, we sold a domain and need to transfer it to the new owners. They need to move it from CF to AWS. Unfortunately, we moved the domain to CF within 60 days and now need to transfer it again. We know there are ICANN rules regulating this, but we were told there was a way to escelate this. Does anyone know how to do this? CF is of no help. Thank you.

This is the most you could do until the 60 days finish:

That won’t work as you cannot transfer a Registrar domain between accounts.

Where were you told this and in what context? Some of it is TLD dependent but it’s a pretty hard rule and I’m not sure if anything can be done to allow this.


One of CF’s Tech Support who originally replied to our request. Then they went silent on how to escalate.

It seems this will not work in any shape or form since we need to transfer between accounts (Hence the need to change to a new owner.) Wish we were told that from the start so we didn’t waste so much time.

Anyone know where to go to check when the domain was transferred to CF so we can calculate when it will be available to move to the new owners? Thanks.

Cloudflare’s API will expose the date.

GET /accounts/ACCOUNT_ID/registrar/domains/DOMAIN_NAME - you can just open DevTools and look for that request when you have the domain open in the registrar section of the dashboard.

Thank you, but any way for the average lay-person to see that?

The API is likely the easiest. whois data doesn’t have any obligation to show a ‘last transferred’ date, only the original registration, last update (i.e renewal or contact details) and expiry date.

You could dig through the audit logs on the dashboard for this event I suppose:

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