Softphone Audio Issues with Cloudflare Warp Zero Trust

Hello everyone,

I’m experiencing an issue with my softphone when using Cloudflare Warp Zero Trust to tunnel my traffic. Here is a brief overview of my setup and the problem:

  • I am using Cloudflare Warp Zero Trust on my iPhone and PC.
  • I have a local PBX in my network.
  • My softphone app works perfectly when not connected to Warp.
  • When connected to Warp, the softphone app on both devices (iPhone and PC) can still function (registers with the PBX, can make and receive calls), but there is no audio. I can’t hear the other person, and they can’t hear me.
  • This issue persists even for internal calls between my iPhone and PC.
  • I have already excluded the domain of my PBX and my local network in the split tunnel configuration. Without this exclusion, the softphone app wouldn’t start or connect to the PBX.

I suspect that despite excluding my local network in the split tunnel section, the RTP packets that carry the actual audio content of a call might still be routed through the Warp tunnel.

Could anyone provide guidance on how to configure Warp so that when I’m in my local network with my devices, I can use my softphone properly? Any tips or detailed steps would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your help!