Sockets arent working/http proxy?

So i have a java socket application, it works fine and all, it works fine on the vps using the original ip. But when i use my domain linked to cloudflare, the client which is “trying to connect” the the java socket application on my vps says socket closed(the socket application(server) doesnt say there was a new connection), also if i turn the orange cloud off i can use the domain linked to cloudflare but i want my ip to be masked/hidden any suggestions, im using the freeplan, websockets is on “in” cloudflare. Also im using the port, 8443

What exactly does that mean? Are you using exclusively HTTP and TLS?

Its a server open for connections, waiting for a client to connect, i dont quite know what tls is or anything of that nature, im pretty new to this if this helps…, new ServerSocket(8443)

I would contact whomever developed that.

I developed it, it works 100% fine not going though cloudflare but when it does go though cloudflare something gets messed up

Then you should know which protocol you are using :wink:

I just knew how to make what i wanted with the given classes, but doing a simple google search it appears im using, “TCP/IP”, but you dident even ask for one of them in your question “Are you using exclusively HTTP and TLS?” so i dont know…

Yeah, that setup wont fly on Cloudflare. You can only proxy HTTP requests. You need to leave it at :grey:.

Ok thank you thats what i needed to know.

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