Socket hangs up during upload to R2

I’m testing a put object request using a pre-signed URL with postman. If the attached file is less than approximately 500KB, the request will succeed and the object is put into my bucket.

If I give a slightly larger file size from around 500KB+, the request will load for a few seconds and eventually fail with a message “Error: socket hang up”

I don’t understand why this is happening… I’m on a reliable mobile hotspot connection and I’m able to successfully upload files of any size into my bucket in the R2 web dashboard.

Also, I’m on the free plan for R2 and my bucket is private. The bucket is new and so is my account. To my knowledge after reading the docs, there’s no reason my requests should be limited or dropped for my current usage…

I’m completely stumped. Is there something I’m missing? Any help will be seriously appreciated.

After more investigation I’m finding that the requests are dropped due to socket hang ups more randomly than I thought. I waited two hours then just tried to upload a 20kb image. It took about 10 attempts where I got socket hang ups until the request succeeded.

I’m finding this behavior very strange considering how fast my network speed is here.

I’m located in india and using the Jio network. I’m wondering if this unreliability has something to do with that.