SOA TTL Setting

We are moving to a new hosted website and I was wondering if we can set the TTL for the SOA to 15 minutes? If not what is the TTL for SOA record?

It’s one hour. I don’t think you can change that.

SOA should not affect your move. SOA shouldn’t be changed if you move to another host, as SOA just tells the world who is in charge of your DNS. It’s the “A” and “CNAME” records, which have a TTL of 5 minutes, that change when you move to another host.

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And if they’re :orange: then the 5 minute TTL doesn’t apply anyway.

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Good reminder. The world won’t notice an IP address change for your website. The changes to your IP address within Cloudflare DNS :orange: records take effect immediately.

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I am just trying to gauge when the submit the change to the registrar and have the new site ready for traffic.

My advise is: don’t. Nameserver changes don’t need to be connected to hosting changes at all (as long as the providers allow you to set DNS records — Cloudflare does), and should have zero downtime. Instead, update the DNS records on the authoritative nameserver when you are ready to do the flip from one to the other, and keep both backend services running at least 2x the length of your TTL, or 4 hours, whichever is greater.

TTLs when updating nameservers are outside your control, the upstream TLD controls these, many/most use a 48 hour TTL, so you must expect traffic to hit both nameservers for quite a while.

Client and browser DNS caches are outside your control. Users in high latency connections (especially satellite) will often have a client-side cache that holds records far longer than the TTL as it significantly speeds up browsing at the cost of being out of date.

(Also, the SOA’s TTL has literally nothing to do with anything, the SOA isn’t used by clients or recursive revolvers, and since Cloudflare is effectively a multi-master infrastructure none of the zone transfer fields mean anything either).


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