SOA record update apart from NS changes

Hi, I added my domain in Cloudflare control panel and changed the NS records at my registrar’s to what Cloudflare provided me with (, But Cloudflare still says ‘pending nameserver update’ after few days. So I opened a support ticket and received such reply:

Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Support.
The SOA record has not been updated:
Would you please contact you registrar and let them know this issue?
Let us know if you need further assistance.

What am I supposed to do exactly? Update the SOA record to what? There weren’t any instructions specific to SOA records on Cloudflare guide.

What’s the domain?

I am afraid you did not change the nameservers, you only set them at your host, but you need to change them at your registrar.

nslookup -type=ns REDACTED
Server:  UnKnown

REDACTED nameserver =
REDACTED nameserver =
REDACTED nameserver =
REDACTED nameserver =
REDACTED nameserver =
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Using your Registrars control panel, change your existing nameservers to the two Cloudflare provided nameservers.

SOA will show the primary nameservers automatically.

But that is exactly what I did - wen tot the registrar’s control panel, and where it says specify nameservers entered the Cloudflare NS-es. there is no other place I can do that at their control panel

In that case you need to contact your registrar and clarify that with them, as it is clear from my previous response that these nameservers are not set.

So I really should contact the registrar’s tech support then. Because there is no other place at their control panel where I can change anything else.

Indeed. Thank you for your help!

If you really changed the nameservers, you can only contact your registrar. Cloudflare cannot validate the domain until the nameservers are set.

Do I have the ability to delete this topic? Because it contains domain and IP address information.

You can edit your posting with the domain and I redacted your domain in my response.

Thanks again!