So long time loading and many errors

I’m using Cloudflare with siteground hosting and its causing a so long delay for redirecting, My website was working perfectly without the www with Siteground+Cloudflare and when I upgraded my hosting plan with them they told me my website should be in www/ jewelleryrack com to work with Cloudflare+ Siteground
Now coudflare causing So long delay in loading and it gives me alot of errors I don’t know how to fix it

My website is(

P.s My website is HSTS Preloaded

That redirect is coming from WordPress. You can speed it up by using a Cloudflare Page Rule instead:

What errors are you seeing?

Thanks For your answer, Can CloudFlare work directly with Https// Instead of using the www? Wont that affect my HSTS settings?

error showing is 542

If you set it up through SiteGround, then you have to use ‘www’. If you went with a direct setup at Cloudflare, you don’t need the ‘www’. HSTS doesn’t care which you use, as long as you set HSTS to include Subdomains.

I didn’t see any 542 errors. Can you post a screenshot of that?

Thanks a lot for your Reply here is a screenshot , So do you think I should deactivate it on my site tools at siteground then make the settings on cloudlflare ? wont it be complicated to do it on cloudflare?

Ah, a 524. That’s usually temporary. It’s a little more complicated on Cloudflare, but that’s because you get more control over your settings, like DNS so you’re not forced to use ‘www’ for your website.