So, I've setup Cloudflare Email Routing

and so far everything seems to be getting routed from my old email address to my new.

Except emails coming from Subway (yeah, the sandwich place). So far this week all the email at my old address has been routed to my new email address - except for 3 ads from I’ve looked at the email headers and don’t see anything about them passing through Cloudflare at all. It’s as if Subway is somehow able to bypass the Cloudflare routing.

I realize this isn’t the end of the world, but I’m wondering what other emails might not be getting forwarded/routed?

Are you saying you used to have email for [email protected] delivered to a particular mail service, and now you are forwarding that email to [email protected], but you are still receiving email in your old mail service?

Do you have a customised TTL on your MX record?
Do you know what service provider use for their ad emails?

Yes, I’m using Cloudflare’s new Email Routing feature to reroute what used to be a “free” Google Workspace account to an actual free GMail account. All the email is getting “forwarded” (routed) to the new GMail account - except for a handful of emails coming from Subway which are being delivered to the old Google Workspace account instead.

The TTL’s are all set to “Auto”:


If I’m reading the email headers right, then Subway is using Adobe’s mail servers?

Received: from [] ([] helo=r by (envelope-from [email protected]) (ecelerity r(Core: with ESMTP id DD/75-21402-31874326; Fri, 18 Mar 2022 12:16:19 +0000*
From: SUBWAY Restaurants [email protected]*
Subject: Get a FREE Footlong when you buy 2 Footlongs*

I think @michael means the TTL of the old MX records.

Ah! Well, I don’t exactly know because I’ve replaced them with the Cloudflare DNS settings. The registrar for the old custom domain is Google Domains and if I pretend to go back and reuse their settings, then the TTL looks to be one hour:


You might see if this article helps. It’s a Google Domains support article, but looks to have relevant content.

Issues setting up Gmail Custom Address with your domain , thanks for that article but it’s kind of the opposite of what I’m experiencing. I’m not quite ready to delete my custom domain from the Google Workspace yet as I’m hoping Google will soon present their options for a free alternative, which they promised would happen by May 1st. Since I’m not using any of Google’s DNS services and only using Cloudflare’s, I don’t see how anything still residing on the Google side could be interfering? I’m just finding it odd that Cloudflare’s Email Routing is successfully working for all the rest of my email, just not this handful from Subway. I’m thinking whatever process they’re using to send emails with is working from some DNS Servers which have very old MX records still pointing to Google - despite the TTL only being one hour.